Dev Prefs

Developer Preferences


For users who will be hosting the FileMaker files or sharing via peer to peer, you can set the files for Multi-user.

Locking Files

Once the software is registered you will no longer see the splash screen on startup. In addition you can also “lock down” the solution so that end-users cannot access the address validation layouts. First, open the NRG Address Validation Blackbox.fp7 database in single user mode (non-server). Next, select Script->Lock Solution. Enter in a special password which can be used to unlock the files if necessary. To unlock the solution, open again in single user mode and select the Unlock Solution script.

Network Settings

For sites that require the use of a proxy server, or are on a slower internet connection, you can configure advanced network settings from the Preferences screen. From Developer/Maintenance Tab, click "Configure Network Settings" and you will be able to enter the proxy server IP number, port, and alternate timeout. Then press the OK button to accept the changes.