You will need a copy of the NRG Endicia Desktop Connect FileMaker file and the NRG FM Toolkit plug ins. You can purchase the file from NRG Software. Existing customers can obtain the latest file by emailing

NRG Endicia Desktop Connect File

Place the file in the same folder as your FileMaker solution.

If your solution is hosted on FileMaker Pro server, be sure to set the file to Multi-user. You will find FileMaker scripts which will enable/disable multi-user mode in the scripts menu. You must run these scripts while in single-user mode, on a workstation prior to placing them on FileMaker server.

NOTE: Because this is a certified solution, some areas of the db are inaccessible. Guest access is enabled by default, and developer access is provided with a username of "Admin" and a password of "toolkit". Developers access includes full database privileges and the ability to modify layouts.

NRGship FM Toolkit Plug-in Installer

Run our Mac OS or Windows installers on the workstation that you will be shipping from.

It's best to quit FileMaker Pro before installing these plug-ins. If you do not, make sure you restart FileMaker Pro to ensure that the plugin's have installed correctly.

The installer will install all required FileMaker plug-ins to your FileMaker extensions folder and place zebra2844 and HIDScale into your applications folder to support thermal label output and USB weight capture.