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Scale Integration

Scale Integration: Weigh your shipment from your FM solution

NRG provides an external script in the NRGship Endicia Desktop Connect file to allow you to capture the weight of your shipment as you are able to with the Endicia Desktop applications.

Create a new script and call it "Get Weight"

Perform External Script "External - Get Weight" in NRGship Toolkit for Endicia Desktop file.

This script will pass back a script result containing the weight value in pounds.

This script defaults to a USB connected scale however you can pass an XML formatted script parameter to the external script to specify an alternate supported device.


<Model>Fairbanks Ultegra</Model>

Supported Scales:

Mettler Toledo PS60 (USB/Serial)
Fairbanks Ultegra (Serial)
Weigh-Tronix (Serial)