About NRGship Endicia Desktop Connect

NRGship Endicia Desktop Connect provides you with a FileMaker database that has already been integrated to automate shipping to Endicia for Mac or DaZzle for Windows - 2 primary desktop shipping appliations provided by Endicia.

By "connecting" your FileMaker solution to this file, you can take automate many functions in your FileMaker to save time around tedious tasks related to shipping, rating and tracking shipping results.

You will be able to automate...

Domestic and international shipments, both Single Order and Batch Shipping
Compare rates based on mail class and packaging types
You can set up tracking to a web viewer based on the tracking numbers provided in the shipment results

You will NOT be able to automate...

Voiding of Shipments
You will have to void shipments from the Endicia applications. This will not update the results in the NRG Endicia Desktop Connect file. You would have to do that manually.
Validating Addresses
The Endicia applications will validate the shipping address prior to shipping, however results of the validation are not updated in the NRG Endicia Desktop Connect file.
To validate in your FileMaker solution prior to shipping, you can subscribe to NRGValidate
Managing Your Postage
Postage Management will still be managed through the Endicia applications or through your web based Endicia account.