Pricing: Licensing and Service Fees

UPS for FileMaker is available for single user, 2 user and multi-user licenses (1 time fees) + Annual or Monthly support subscription. Review 1 carrier pricing below if using UPS only.

NRG also has FileMaker shipping products for other carriers. Multi-carrier pricing is also listed below. Subscriptions are discounted when licensing multiple carriers.

Subscription Overview
The service subscription includes technical support and software updates for both carrier compliance and feature upgrades.

Technical Support

  • Tech Support covers answering questions pertaining to existing software feature sets, general troubleshooting and resolution of error codes
  • Tech Support is available between 8:00 am and 5:00 pm CST and allows for unlimited phone and email questions
  • NRG responds to support calls placed (262-432-0934) and support email ( within 4 business day hours
  • Training of new business users, software installation (including updates & upgrades), custom feature requests, support responses that require attention outside of standard support hours, and any remote desktop care sessions are not covered under the service subscription and are billed separately at $150 per hour (available in quarter hour increments)

Software Upgrades and Updates

  • NRG will release incremental software updates 2-3 times per year, with 1 of them usually being a major upgrade
  • NRG will maintain compliance with Carriers to ensure customer shipping services through the software