If you have been using 2.0 version of NRGship FedEx for FileMaker and have integrated your FileMaker order management, CRM or invoicing solution you will want to review the appropriate pages before upgrading to your new files.

To upgrade and maintain your account settings and shipping history, follow these instructions:


  • Move 4 FedEx files off FM Server to a workstation (if hosted)
  • Make a backup of the 4 FedEx files
DO NOT REPLACE THE FILES IN THE EXISTING NRGship FedEx Pro FOLDER as this will overwrite your preferences and data!

Step 2 of 3: UPGRADING

NOTE: Any modifications to the NRGship files, including layout and user script modifications will NOT be brought over into your upgraded files. You will need make these changes post upgrading!

  • Open up the existing NRGship FedEx Pro folder
  • Locate NRGship FedEx Pro Prefs.fmp12 and rename to NRGship FedEx Pro Prefs.bak.fmp12
  • Locate NRGship FedEx Pro Data.fmp12 and rename to NRGship FedEx Pro Data.bak.fmp12
  • Now it's safe to copy the 4 new files from the desktop folder to the NRGship FedEx Pro folder. Mac OS or Windows will ask you if it's OK to replace 2 of the files. Replace.
  • Now you can put the desktop folder in the trash
  • Open NRGship FedEx Pro File and go to the Developer tab in Preferences
  • Select 2.0 "Prefs" Import button button. It will import your original preferences.
  • Select the 2.0 "Data" Import button button. It will import your shipping history.
  • The update should now be complete.
  • If you are uploading the files to a FileMaker Server, you need to set the files to Multi-User.
  • You can delete the .bak files you created, but make sure you have your backup.

Step 3 or 3: Update Plugins - Mac and Windows Users