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Importing Shipments

Importing Shipping Data to NRGship

NRGship supports a number of import formats to help speed up shipping and eliminate manual data entry. Select the Import Icon on the main menu of the Shipping Dashboard or the Shipping List. From there, you can choose any of the formats provided below and automatically import data from export files that you create from your order management or Ecommerce system.

You can also set the import to default to your regular file format. You'll find the option within Preferences.

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NRG Import
NRG provides an import in an Excel format. This import includes all of the basic information you need to import shipping data into NRGship, plus fields for dimensional weight, third party billing, residential indicator and additional reference fields. Download Sample file: Excel File


Yahoo! Store Orders
This function will import a text file formatted by Yahoo Stores. Download a Sample Yahoo File

Paypal History
This function will import a text file created by PayPal. Download a Sample PayPal File

X- Cart Order
This function will import a text file formatted by X-Cart. Download a Sample XCart File

3DCart Orders
This function will import a text file formatted by 3DCart. Download a Sample 3D Cart File


This function will import a text file formatted by MYOB. Download a Sample MYOB File.

Instructions for exporting your order data out of MYOB are provided in this Document.


This function will import a text file formatted for import into UPS WorldShip on Windows. This allows for automation with many FedEx compatible ecommerce applications like osCommerce. Download a Sample WorldShip File


Web .xls
This function is used to import a Microsoft Excel file (See file Web Sample) from a website into shipping and temp fields. The imported file is then parsed and fields are set to conform to FedEx required values. Next the user runs the Ship Found Set script. Download a Sample Web (.xls)

Ship_In .xml
This function will import XML data formatted for NRGship. Sample XML


If you don't use one of these imports you can manually import data by selecting File >> Import Records >> File. Locate and select your import file (xls, txt, etc.) and then you will be able to map the fields and import your shipping data.