Upgrading»Upgrading From V 2 Files

Upgrading From V 2 Files

Upgrading from 2.0 Files

To upgrade and maintain your account settings and shipping history, follow these instructions:


  • Move 4 UPS files off FM Server to a workstation (if hosted)
  • Make a backup of the 4 UPS files
DO NOT REPLACE THE FILES IN THE EXISTING NRGship UPS Pro FOLDER as this will overwrite your preferences and data!

Step 2 of 3: UPGRADING

NOTE: Any modifications to the NRGship files, including layout and user script modifications will NOT be brought over into your upgraded files. You will need make these changes post upgrading!

  • Open up the existing NRGship UPS Pro folder
  • Locate NRGship UPS Pro Prefs.fmp12 and rename to NRGship UPS Pro Prefs.bak.fmp12
  • Locate NRGship UPS Pro Data.fmp12 and rename to NRGship UPS Pro Data.bak.fmp12
  • Now it's safe to copy the 4 new files from the desktop folder to the NRGship UPS Pro folder. Mac OS or Windows will ask you if it's OK to replace 2 of the files. Replace.
  • Now you can put the desktop folder in the trash
  • Open NRGship UPS Pro > Preferences > Defaults > Advanced
  • Click the "Import Prefs" button and it will import your original preferences.
  • Click the "Import Data" button and it will import your shipping history.
  • The update should now be complete.
  • If you are uploading the files to a FileMaker Server, you need to set the files to Multi-User.
  • You can delete the .bak files you created, but make sure you have your backup.

Step 3 or 3: Update Plugins - Mac and Windows Users