Before you get started on any scripting, you will need to add External Datasources and Build Relationships from your FileMaker files to the Endicia Toolkit files.

Add External Datasources

Add the following external data source for NRGShip Toolkit for Endicia Label Server

Type=FileMaker Details=file:NRGShip Toolkit for Endicia Label Server

Create Relationship

Next, you are going to create a relationship from your solution to the Ship_ELS table in the NRGShip Toolkit for Endicia Label Server file.

  1. Go into Manage Database and add an instance of the Ship_ELS table.
  2. Create a relationship from the primary key in your orders/invoices table to the _fk_ExternalID.n field. Enable the option to "Allow creation of records in this table via this relationship".

Now you are ready to begin scripting to create shipment records from your solution.