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Multi-User Setup

Developer Tab

The developer tab is used for importing shipping data and prefs from a previous version, setting the files to multi-user, testing network connectivity and recovering a corrupt database.

You can only import shipping data from NRGship FedEx solution version 1.0. If you currently have NRGship FedEx solution version 2.0, you can import your prefs and data.

NOTE: It is always recommended to backup all of your files before importing shipping data and preferences.

NRGship can be used in single and multi-user environments. By default, the databases are configured for single-user use.

NOTE: Multi-user installation requires a multi-user license. Please contact NRG Software for license upgrades.

To toggle multi-user modes, the database must first be opened in FileMaker Pro. Open a local copy of NRG_Package_FedEx_Data.fp7 file, Go to Preferences and then navigate to the Developer/Maintenance Tab.

  • Click "On" to set Multi-User
  • Click "On (Hidden)" to set Multi-User and hide from users
  • Click "Off" to restore back to Single User

Hosting Files on FileMaker Server

Once the files are set for multi-user they can be moved to a FileMaker Pro Server and opened. Be sure to run the software installer on all workstations so required plug-ins are properly installed.

For sites that require the use of a proxy server, or are on a slower internet connection, you can configure advanced network settings from the Preferences screen. From Developer/Maintenance Tab, click "Configure Settings" and you will be able to enter the proxy server IP number, port, and alternate timeout. Then press the OK button to accept the changes.

You can also verify network connectivity via the "Test Network" button on the Developer/Maintenance Tab. NRGship will attempt to communicate with several servers and display the results of each test.

If you get a message about having a database file which is damaged, you can use the Corrupt Database button to recover the database file.