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Printers And Scales

Setting Up Printers & Scales in NRGship

NRGship supports USB and Serial port printers and scales.


  • Select Laser if you are printing to a laser or inkjet printer (default setting)
  • Select Thermal if you are using a Thermal printer with 4x6 labels
  • Select Thermal Doctab if you are printing to 4x8 or 4x6 with doctab


  • Label Path: Determines where the label image will be stored
  • Ship & Print: Label automatically prints when checked
  • Delete on Delivery: Automatically deletes the label image once printed
  • Show Print Dialogs: Check if you'd prefer to see the print dialog before label prints


  • Manage label orientation, printing speed and print darkness with basic prefs
  • Windows Port - available on FileMaker Pro windows version only.
  • NOTE WINDOWS USERS!! If you are using a USB connected thermal printer you will need to share the printer as a network device and then map the printer to a LPT port. Instructions Here
  • Remote IP: Network thermal printing is also provided for Eltron/Zebra printers with built-in or add-on print servers. These printers are great for environments where you would like to ship from multiple workstations with a shared label printer. Simply enter the IP# and username/password that is setup on the printer to direct thermal output to the shared printer.


Selecting a Model

  • USB Connected Scale for Mettler Toledo PS60 USB connected scales
  • Mettler Toledo PS60 should be selected as the model type for Toledo scales connected through Serial to USB adapter on Mac or Windows, or direct serial on Windows (Serial Port Setup Info)
  • Fairbanks Ultegra should be selected as the model type for Fairbanks scales connected thru Serial to USB adapter on Mac or Windows, or direct serial on Windows

Selecting a Port

  • For serial scales select the correct serial port from the popup on Mac or Windows

Additional Notes

  • Serial port scales should be configured for UPS communications which is 9600 baud, 7 data bits, odd parity and two stop bits
  • Keyspan USA-19HS serial to USB adapters have been fully tested and are recommended
  • USB scales which follow HID compliance may also work with NRGship but have not been tested for full compatibility