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NRGship UPS Application Files

Here is an outline of the files you receive with NRGship UPS Pro for Filemaker.

1. UPS FileMaker Files

NRGship UPS Pro - Primary User Interface
The NRGship UPS Pro file is distributed so that you can edit layouts, add new scripts and call existing scripts. To gain access to layouts and the standard FileMaker menu set, simply select Standard Menus from the File menu.

Because NRGship is a UPS Certified product, many of the scripts in the interface file are locked and cannot be modified by end-users. This does not limit your ability to integrate.

NRGship UPS Pro Data - Shipment, package, rates & tracking tables
All data is stored in NRGship UPS Pro Data. This file contains the following tables.

  1. UPS_Ship - Fields related to the shipment
  2. UPS_Ship_Packages - Fields related to each package of a shipment
  3. UPS_Ship_AddressBook - Address book
  4. UPS_AddrValResult - Address validation results
  5. UPS_Track_Activity - Track activity detail for a shipment
  6. UPS_Log - NRGship log
  7. UPS_RatesAndServices - Rate detail for a shipment
  8. UPS_Transit - Time and transit information for a shipment
  9. UPS_Track - Track detail for a shipment
  • The data file is opened in locked mode for general user access
  • It is fully fully accessible to developers with these credentials; username: dev password: dev

NRGship UPS Pro Prefs - End user preferences
You will have no need for access to this file.

NRGship UPS Pro Blackbox - UPS communication & User Prefs Interface
You will have no need for access to this file. When using script debugger, you will be prompted to login to this file, simply ignore this as it is not relevant to your integration.

2. Sample FileMaker Integration
This is a fully functional sample shipping integration that gives you a great start on your integration. You will find a number of scripts supporting most common integration features we see with NRG customers.