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Suggested Approach

Our Suggested Approach

It is advised to start by using the scripts in the Integration sample and altering them to your solution.

This method of starting gives the greatest variety of basic, commonly used features and functions in the shortest amount of time. Once these are in place and working, additional customization can be added to suit specific needs.

Basic Features and Functions Included in the Integration Sample Scripts:

  1. Get Rates
  2. Validate Address and Get Rates (results shown in either solution)
  3. Get Scale Weight
  4. Ship Now (with auto label printing)
  5. Ship from NRG
  6. Ship from iOS
  7. Track Shipment
  8. Void a Shipment
  9. Create a Return Shipment
  10. Update UPS Results
  11. Open the NRG interface
  12. Reprint a label