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xTuple Integration

Integration with xTuple ERP can be setup with NRG Ship Connect. To set this up, follow these steps:

Step 1: Install Ship Connect PHP Interface
To exchange shipping data back a forth, NRG Ship Connect & xTuple communicate via XML communications. Web service coding written in PHP is provided by NRG and facilitates data transfer from PostgreSQL.

  • Copy xTuple directory to /Library/WebServer/Documents on PostgreSQL Server
  • Edit index.php file as needed, lines 24-28 should reference your PostgreSQL Server

23: // Modify the next 5 lines for your PostgreSQL installation
24: $dbhost = 'localhost';
25: $dbport = '5432';
26: $dbname = 'demo';
27: $dbuser = 'admin'; // postgres
28: $dbpass = 'admin'; // demo

Step 2: Enable PHP
Under OS 10.7 Lion: (Highly preferred)

  • Turn off Web Sharing in System Preferences
  • Edit /etc/apache2/httpd.conf file
  • Remove # from line that contains #LoadModule php5_module libexec/apache2/
  • Enable Web Sharing in System Preferences

Under OS 10.6 Snow Leopard:

  • You must download and install an updated version of PHP with PostgreSQL support. Contact NRG Software for further instructions

Step 3: Verify PHP and PostgreSQL Support
In Safari on the server...

Step 4: Configure Ship Connect for xTuple
Open Ship Connect on the shipping station

  • Open Preferences
  • Go to Developer tab
  • Select Import xTuple from Script popup
  • Click on xTuple tab under Ecommerce Integration
  • Enter "http://xx.xx.xxxx/xtuple/" for Host URL (inserting in your server's IP #)
  • Press Test button to verify connectivity

Step 5: Create Import Rules to convert xTuple service values
Open Ship Connect on the shipping station

  • Go to Ship Connect Settings in preferences
  • Click on Import Rules tab
  • Add rules to convert services, ex: service UPS-GROUND-UPS Ground = UPS Ground

Step 6: Ship a Test Order
Open Ship Connect on the shipping station

  • From the Parcel View, enter a valid Shipment # and press Get Order
  • Verify proper data
  • Ship order in Ship Connect
  • In xTuple, verify data has been populated

xTuple Workflow
Ship Connect integration workflow is very similar to xTuple's support for UPS WorldShip without the need to install ODBC software and data mappings. See process flow at

  • Print Packing Lists
  • Issue to Shipping
  • Ship order in Ship Connect
  • Come back to xTuple and Ship order