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Release Notes

Ship Connect - Release Notes

Released on 8/5/2023

  • Changes for UPSPS Ground Advantage
  • Changes for FedEx Ground Economy
  • ID fields now use UUID number - requires v17 min
  • Removed need for Troi File
  • Updated to MBS 13.2

Released on 5/22/2023

  • Added support for "true" FedEx Third Party Freight
  • Added EasyPost manifest history feature
  • Added support for DHL thermal printing
  • Added support for UPS InsureShield shipping insurance
  • Fixes for archive functions
  • Fix for FedEx Home Delivery

Released on 4/20/2023

  • Added support for GLS regional carrier
  • Added support for UPS InsureShield shipping insurance
  • Updates to Magento2 integration
  • Updated to MBS 13.1
  • Removed requirement for Troi Dialog, Activator, Serial

Released on 1/2/2023

  • Added support for Australian Post
  • Updates to EasyPost routines
  • Updated Spee-Dee Rate Tables
  • Updated to MBS 12.5
  • Fixes for international field mapping

Released on 10/16/2022

  • Updated DynaPDF license/library
  • Added seagull to printnode list
  • Added SQL table and scripts for ODBC integrations
  • Added support for EasyPost
  • Updated API for XPO LTL
  • Updated API for FreightQuote LTL
  • Updated archive coding for improved speed
  • Updated to MBS 12.4

Released on 6/30/2022

  • Fixes for freight UI
  • Fixes for speedee rates
  • Fixed issue with DHL unit value
  • Enhancements for PrintNode
  • Enhancements for user logging
  • Includes MBS 12.2, Activator 801

Released on 4/4/2022

  • Added support for AAA freight
  • Fixes for DHL intl

Released on 3/13/22

  • Added support for DHL Intl
  • Added support for Bixolon printer
  • Fixes for custom email
  • Fix for woo post ship update
  • Updated Speedee rate table

Released on 1/11/2021

  • Updated UI elements
  • Adjusted barcode routines to use containers instead of text fields
  • Includes MBS 10.5, Troi URL 7.0, File 12, Dialog 8, Activator 601, Serial 6

Released on 4/27/2020

  • Added FedEx Ref fields to packages for override per package
  • Includes MBS 10.1 for v19 Support

Released on 1/20/2020

  • Added support for PrintNode
  • Added common list view
  • Adjustments for Echo

Released on 1/2/2020

  • Added FedEx Hold At Location fields
  • Added External - Return script
  • Added support for Echo Freight

Released on 10/21/2019

  • Added pack out functionality
  • Added HTML option for custom notifications
  • Added ability to set printername in prefs instead of share/capture
  • Added filtering for Sat UPS services in rates
  • Fixed issue with print to pdf

Released on 7/30/2019

  • Fixed issue with intl return shipments and sold-to info
  • Adjustments for v18 perms on cloud
  • Updated Troi Serial to 5.6

Released on 7/6/2019

  • Added pref for show all rates

Released on 6/18/2019

  • Includes MBS reg 9.x
  • Enhanced custom email to include HTML, CC, BCC options
  • Added support for UPS Smart Pickup per location
  • Added FedEx Freight Billing fields
  • Fixed issue with FedEx Black Box window

Released on 4/13/2019

  • Fixed issue with CAPS LOCK in list view on windows
  • Adjustment for Smartpost Returns
  • Ref1/Ref2 in packages passes to FedEx
  • Updated plugins to Troi Dialog 7.5.1 and MBS 8.2 (Required for v18)

Released on 1/27/2019

  • Added Woocommerce import
  • Added TrackingLink variable in custom email
  • Added reg for Troi Dialog 7.5
  • Adjusted email address for return labels
  • Added new field to disable Endicia validation

Released on 11/2/2018

  • Fixed mapping of FedEx laser label
  • Fixed issue with One Rate
  • No longer shows in Web Direct startup
  • Adjustment to tab order
  • No longer allows mbox surepost/smartpost or MI
  • Fixed issue with Doctab amd Eltron
  • Adjusted country mapping for UK
  • Updates for FedEx Nafta forms

Released on 8/26/2018

  • Added FedEx One Rate packaging options
  • Remapped FedEx Intl Terms of Sale
  • Added UPS GFP toggle
  • Added packaging field in rate response
  • Added USPS Flat Rate Padded Envelope option
  • Adjusted DIM weight calc for domestic

Released on 6/22/2018

  • Updated to install MBS 8.1 and troi file 9.1
  • Added pref to override receipient phone # with shipper if no is present
  • Self-Installl plugin enhancements
  • Required for FileMaker v17 compatability

Released on 3/23/2018

  • Added support for UPS Ground Freight Pricing in parcel
  • Added support for Amazon Buy Shipping
  • Added output to PDF option - converts Zebra to image for PDF output
  • Enhancements for server-side scripting
  • Adjusted BOL to print at reduced size so it prints off more laser devices
  • Fixed issue with setting default service on voided shipments

Released on 12/7/2017

  • Added support for direct thermal pack slips
  • Added option to autoinstall plugins on client/server
  • Added support for webdirect
  • Added navigation of packages via arrow keys
  • Updated plugins to mbs 7.5, troi dialog 7.0, activator 4.5, mbs 7.4, file 9.0.1, serial 5.0, url 5.0
  • Updated dispatcher
  • Updated netsuite integration
  • Adjusted for FedEx Ground branding

Released on 8/11/2017

  • Updates to mbox import spec
  • Fixed issue with FedEx freight cartons/pcs
  • Adjustments with UPS MI options
  • Self-installs plugins encryptor 3.5 and activator 4.0, troi url 4.5, file 8.5, dialog 6.5, serial 4.5, mbs 7.3
  • Updates to UPS/FedEx service names
  • FedEx rating is done thru NRGship FedEx for API consistency
  • Fixed issue with FreightQuote credentials
  • Adjusted key fields for self-relationships

Released on 2/6/2017

  • Changed Conway to XPO in UI
  • Adjustments to YRC freight
  • Adjustments for server-side tracking

Released on 10/10/2016

  • Added email label option
  • Adjustments for Endicia
  • Adjustments for Shopify
  • Updated plugin licensing

Released on 5/4/2016

  • Added support for special UPS return service options and third-party return billing

Released on 4/13/2016

  • Adjustments for USPS 2016 updates
  • Adjustments to Amazon download for throttling
  • Adjustments for FedEx HazMat
  • Performance improvements

Released on 7/05/2015

  • Changes for FMP v14 compatibility
  • Interface tweaks

Released on 5/12/2015

  • Fully compatible with FileMaker Pro v14
  • Added dim weight messaging
  • Added support for iDim dimensioner
  • Updated plugin licensing

Released on 4/16/2015

  • Added support for USPS EMR labels
  • Adjustments to Endicia integration
  • FreightQuote and Con-Way are internally integrated
  • Now supports installed Troi URL 4 and File 7.5
  • Plethora of misc fixes

Released on 8/13/2014

  • Adds YRC as freight option
  • Adds support for weight/dim capture from CubiScan 150
  • Now uses Endicia APIs for USPS rating
  • Rating tool enhancements
  • Freight enhancements
  • Now supports installed MBS 4.1

Released on 2/18/2014

  • Added API for rating engine
  • Added import of Endicia XML
  • Added filtering of rates based on packaging
  • Now supports installed MBS 3.4 and Activator 3.5
  • Box number prints on Endicia labels if multi-box
  • International fixes

Released on 11/22/2013

  • Added Amazon Web Service integration for batch/single downloads and batch upload at end of day
  • Added support for multiple Endicia accounts
  • Freight BOL enhancements
  • API enhancements
  • Now supports installed Troi URL 3.5 and File 7.0

Released on 8/27/2013

  • Added XML test harness popup
  • Added API to get current record as XML
  • Removed ancillary FedEx SmartPost file
  • Adjusted post-rate markup logic
  • Updated Magento error checking

Released on 8/13/2013

  • Freight and international enhancements
  • Now supports installed Troi URL 3
  • Adjusted API for shipment to check for exact match on existing
  • Adjustments to country value lists
  • Added silent mode + logging of errors

Released on 4/3/2013

  • Added support for Zebra (ZPL) doc tab for UPS and FedEx
  • Added support for UPS SurePost via API
  • Added rating engine support
  • Removed support for host upload of UPS Basic and SurePost
  • Adjustments for USPS 2013 changes
  • Adjusted UPS return handling to pass drop shipper address
  • Adjusted Mail Innovations and SurePost to support PO Box/APO/FPO
  • Postage history now shows for Endicia
  • Updated Extended CSV Import
  • UI Cleanup

Released on 1/24/2013

  • Added timing logic to order download scripts
  • Added Ship Goodwill integration
  • Adjusted so item export now uses proper login privs
  • Adjusted so extended import confirms total rows and merges description column into product title
  • Adjustments to error trapping during order downloads
  • Adjusted export item to do found set or current date
  • Adjusted batch buttons to auto-sort
  • Adjusted User Post scripts so they no longer throw dialog when run
  • Adjusted so FedEx Freight requires phone
  • Adjusted so FedEx Freight has better error capture
  • Adjusted so DCN is added for standard mail, library mail, parcel post or media mail
  • Adjusted so post-ship automation gets run properly in BOL for other and FedEx Freight

Released on 11/13/2012

  • Added rating engine option along with API
  • Added post-delete user script
  • Added freight fields to API
  • Updated MBS plugin reg code
  • Adjusted email notification for FedEx
  • Adjusted track function to set last scan based on scan date
  • Adjustments to item export
  • Adjustments to scan form for USPS
  • Adjustments to integration sample

Released on 10/19/2012

  • Added dispatcher functions
  • Added extended CSV import
  • Added multibox CLS import
  • Added logo option to address book
  • Added support for Endicia 4x8 DocTab on bottom
  • Added user pre-print script
  • Adjusted pack slip and invoices to shop drop shipper logo from address book
  • Adjusted FedEx script to pass broker fax #
  • Adjustments to FedEx Freight rating
  • Adjustments to FedEx Freight COD
  • Removed ETD from FedEx freight options

Released on 10/8/2012

  • Added Find option for duplicate downloads
  • Added new fields to items - attributes, user04
  • Added html decoding in create shipment api
  • Added Estes freight integration
  • Added rating support to Status script
  • Added NRG external auth group
  • Added freight fields to API
  • Added print box labels function
  • Added support for Code128 barcodes
  • Adjusted NRG functions to check for blanks or random data in results
  • Adjustments to LabelTraxx integration
  • Adjustments to con-way integration

Released on 9/11/2012

  • Added user post-import script
  • Adjustments for Freight
  • Adjustments for v12 compatibility
  • Adjustments for FreightQuote
  • Added support for rotated images with UPS
  • Adjustments to AV for ND in Plus4
  • Adjustments to LabelTraxx integration

Released on 8/14/2012

  • Added support for FedEx 2nd Day AM
  • Added user prefs for scale multiplier and suffix
  • Added pref to refresh insured value before rate/ship
  • Added server-side tracking
  • Added external freight scripts
  • Added Harm code passing for USPS Intl
  • Adjustments for FedEx Intl
  • Adjustment to published rate calc
  • Adjustments to Con-Way integration
  • Country value for Korea, North is now North Korea
  • Country value for Korea, South is now South Korea
  • Country value for Hong Kong (SAR) is now Hong Kong
  • Misc fixes

Released on 5/29/2012

  • Adjustments for Con-Way Integration
  • Country is set to US if rated/shipped with blank value

Released on 3/12/2012

  • Adjustments for USPS/Endicia DC
  • Added support for USPS Adult Signature

Released on 3/1/2012

  • Added new functionality for LTL/Con-Way (CI, pickup request, Pro # prefs)
  • Added pref for use limited menu set
  • Added blank layouts in data/prefs
  • Added NRG footer doctab support for FedEx
  • Added check for valid packing pre-ship
  • Adjusted rates order to show by carrier by lowest rate

Released on 1/27/2012

  • Added simplified box entry
  • Added import rules for carrier/service
  • Added xTuple Integration
  • Added option to set values on import
  • Added external function to return record data as XML
  • Added Flat Rate USPS Intl and Regional Box options
  • Added many new defaults/preference options
  • Adjustments for Location_ID
  • Adjusted special services for con-way
  • For print pack/invoice if CTRL is held dialog will appear (overrides default)
  • Magento integration updates
  • PayPal integration updates
  • Now shows Commercial Base and Standard USPS Pricing (Shipments will return only Commercial Base pricing)
  • Misc fixes

Released on 10/5/2011

  • Added BigCommerce, Magento and FoxyCart integration
  • Added UPS MI functionality (needs UPS approval to use)
  • Misc fixes

Released on 9/14/2011

  • Added user prefs to auto-rate and select least cost
  • Added PayPal import and post-ship update
  • Added support for ZPL printers with UPS 2.0
  • Added support for UPS FlexReturns and auto-returns
  • Added ability to override insurance type at the shipment level
  • Added support for half sheet laser labels (to utilize free ups/fedex stock)
  • Added UPS SurePost contract service (add-on module)
  • Added support for FedEx SmartPost DocTab
  • Supports updated Troi plugin set

Released on 6/27/2011

  • Added test mode for new internal email notifications
  • Adjusted setting of services/default packaging when carriers change.
  • Added support for insurance settings on per shipment basis
  • Can now perform a Find on track # field
  • Fixes to UPS email notifications
  • Added AV enhancements - batch mode, indicator
  • Misc bug fixes

Released on 6/3/2011 Wow. We've done some interim releases since Feb, but the list below is a comprehensive list of new features since the last release note.

  • Added support for custom pack list/invoices
  • Added support for invoice output (in addition to pack slips)
  • Added support for auto-postage purchases for Endicia
  • Enhanced UI selector for records on list views
  • Added internal email notifications via customer SMTP server (All carriers)
  • AcctVantage import enhancements
  • Added carrier email notifications to SmartPost (Due to API support)
  • Print setup scripts are now user editable
  • Rate lookups now supports custom markups
  • Added support for UPS return label generation at time of shipment
  • Endicia enhancements
  • Added support for USPS returns
  • Added support for additional custom user buttons
  • Now integrated with UPS v2.0 product
  • Now tracks creation/modification workstation
  • Added user searches/sorts on list view enter
  • Enhancements to UPS Basic integration
  • Scale path now gets set to v14 toolkit on windows
  • NetSuite enhancments
  • Added support for Amazon export
  • Added support for custom logos on each ship rec
  • OrderMotion enhancements
  • International fixes, specifically VI, GU, PR
  • Carrier email notification fixes
  • Added address validation capabilities

Released on 2/4/2011

  • Adjusted email types checkboxes in Preferences

Released on 1/31/2011

  • Adjusted AcctVantage export for multi-box

Released on 1/24/2011

  • Adjusted SmartPost to display phone label properly
  • Added support for Drop Ship fields in AcctVantage import
  • Adjusted Freight Update Results button, to go to proper tab after execution
  • Added NetSuite Scripts

Released on 1/21/2011

  • Added label purge script for Ship Connect and Endicia file
  • Finalized NetSuite Integration

Released on 1/18/2011

  • Added support for UPS Basic code 22 to OrderMotion import and export
  • Fixed Flash issue and state of tabs after Get Rates in Con-Way
  • Fixed freight BOL script to not allow cancel and to go to correct state after running
  • Added support for Saturday Delivery option in UPS services for AcctVantage import
  • Added support for COD Cash checked in AcctVantage import if terms = COD Guarantee
  • Fixed AcctVantage export void issue
  • Adjusted FedEx create related records script to not commit before international fields

Released on 1/12/2011

  • Checked control log for UPS
  • Added confirmation to SmartPost close routine

Released on 1/11/2011

  • Adjusted AcctVantage import. If C.O.D., then amount goes into shipment XML and utilizes residential indicator
  • Adjusted detail report to break out by location and date
  • Adjusted XML to set email fields only if XML has value
  • Adjusted AcctVantage import

Released on 1/6/2011

  • Adjusted UPS v1.3 control log to not print when called via external script

Released on 1/3/2011

  • Removed conditional formatting from Markup Rules
  • Modified Markup Rule to correct issues

Released on 1/1/2011

  • Added tabs for ship pay method

Released on 12/22/2010

  • Adjusted post script to set insurance and adjusted value
  • Adjusted UPS, FedEx and USPS scripts to not set declared value if using alternate insurance
  • Adjusted detail report to include adjusted rate
  • Adjusted package field names for consistency
  • Added third party insurance and adjusted rate to ship screen
  • Added adjusted rate on parcel view
  • Changed daily shipment report script and dialogs to shipment report with daily subsort
  • Added insurance export option with XLS

Released on 12/9/2010

  • Adjusted FedEx ship script to not halt on WARNING messages

Released on 11/18/2010

  • Added import option to custom button handler
  • Added AcctVantage options to import and export script handlers
  • Added AcctVantage import and export functions
  • Renamed Post Ship XML export to Export Path:
  • Adjusted AcctVantage scripts to use workstation ID in path

Released on 11/17/2010

  • Added new fields to preferences for new email notification defaults
  • Added new fields to ship for email notification types and message
  • Adjusted UPS and FedEx scripts to use new values
  • Added new notification types fields, in UPS v1.3, to match v2
  • Added rates and all reference fields to list view for parcel
  • Added list filters for all reference fields and batch number

Released on 10/30/2010

  • Added enhanced paste (Apple-8)

Released on 10/26/2010

  • Fixed multi-rates issue to set window name correctly for rate passing
  • Adjusted Endicia script to set full drop shipper information per OK from Endicia

Released on 10/25/2010

  • Adjusted unit weight to document weight in lbs then converts to OZ in Endicia push
  • Added USPS insurance default to preferences
  • Added default customs signer value to preferences
  • Added batch number field to company table
  • Added batch number, exported flag and timestamp fields to ship table
  • Added count to box, item and users preferences

Released on 10/21/2010

  • Adjusted SmartPost script to pull proper rate
  • Adjusted create XML script to set userfield_url from XML
  • Adjusted post ship url handler to pass userfield_source
  • Adjusted create XML script to run MAS 90 conversion if user export = MAS 90
  • Adjusted SmartPost script to push alternate shipper info
  • Adjusted SmartPost script to not push hub id
  • Fixed delete issue to go to item afterward
  • Fixed user interface oddities in preferences
  • Adjusted to display Halt option on post-ship error
  • Fixed SmartPost Hub ID error to set from user's location
  • Adjusted to call user sort script after quick search
  • Added response_shiptime field, gets set on ship, cleared on void

Released on 10/5/2010

  • Adjusted SmartPost to set label type to STOCK_4X6 for EPL and ZPL types

Released on 9/22/2010

  • Adjusted to exclude error 129001 additional handling for package error
  • Adjusted ship courier label to flip reference fields
  • Added portal sorts to lists in preferences
  • Removed trigger from box size in preferences
  • Modified to select name field on add and update box or item
  • Use rate now goes to main tab
  • Added CSZLabel field to address book, its calculation is based on destination
  • Added ship date to FedEx rates request
  • Upgraded USPS module rates to v3 and added support for additional DCN fee
  • Added prefernce to enabled DCN for first-class along with cost
  • Fixed preferences issue to check current file not any window with preferences

Released on 9/16/2010

  • Added UPS Daily Control log button on Home
  • Adjusted reprint to pass printer settings to toolkit files
  • Added support for thermal printing via IP to Endicia

Released on 9/15/2010

  • Adjusted ship main to exclude error 120022 (high value print required) from dialog that would halt ship process

Released on 9/2/2010

  • Removed close on inactive settings in Ship Connect files along with UPS, Endicia and freight files

Released on 9/2/2010

  • Adjusted delete all script to retain existing layout post delete
  • Added Add Location button
  • Adjusted print BOL button to go to FreightQuote layout if BOL in FreightQuote file is not empty
  • Adjusted user setup script for no username on field entry in packages, select all text
  • Set length of item description to 35 characters when passing to UPS, FedEx and USPS
  • Added solution name field back in preferences
  • Added back fields to show all carrier rates

Released on 8/27/2010

  • Adjusted package count field in packages table

Released on 8/26/2010

  • Adjusted external show script, if courier then goes to courier detail
  • Added test mode in preferences for Endicia

Released on 7/8/2010

  • Adjusted to run user script on void and added extra commit to external void

Released on 6/30/2010

  • Adjusted FedEx envelope settings to allow weight

Released on 5/26/2010

  • Adjusted so that if FedEx international and laser then force to PNG instead of PNG4X6

Released on 5/24/2010

  • Changed set password to set pass phrase for Endicia postage

Released on 5/19/2010

  • Adjusted FedEx to put first track number in track field post ship and set billed weight to sum of billed weight
  • Fixed track button

Released on 5/10/2010

  • Modified international manual shipped and delivered scripts. If Ship verifies BOL has value, then delivered unlocks record. Both go back to current tab afterwards.

Released on 4/6/2010

  • Adjusted USPS ship "Great Britain and Northern Island" to "Great Britain and Northern Ireland"

Released on 4/5/2010

  • Added item extended weight value (qty * weight) and fixed Ship Connect table item weight

Released on 4/1/2010

  • Adjusted print thermal script to not display dialog

Released on 3/31/2010

  • Added preferences to auto-print pack slip, show dialog on pack slip and show dollar amount
  • Adjusted ship and print scripts to show dollar amount on pack slip
  • Adjusted view pack slip script to show quantity and dollar amount on pack slip
  • Adjusted MAS 90 export error dialogs to include MAS 90 in title

Released on 3/30/2010

  • Adjusted UPS and FedEx shipper information to match values from shipper in Ship Connect

Released on 3/22/2010

  • Added preference for "show print dialogs" for labeling
  • Fixed bug in integrated label for USPS
  • Fixed bug in USPS where it was always printing in the ship script

Released on 3/19/2010

  • Adjusted freight layouts to use proper value list for destination and origin access

Released on 3/17/2010

  • Adjusted USPS rates, if country contains UK then country gets set to "United Kingdom (Great Britain)"
  • Adjusted Endica ship to blank out commodity items if not present

Released on 3/16/2010

  • For USPS ship, if country contains United Kingdom then country gets set to Great Britain and Northern Island

Released on 3/11/2010

  • Adjusted USPS to set 4th international commodity to 4th item
  • Adjusted USPS to round commodity values to 0 and added rounding on dollar value of commodities to 2

Released on 3/10/2010

  • Adjusted FedEx results to set published cost based on base rate plus surcharge

Released on 3/8/2010

  • Added export for X-Cart script
  • Adjusted Endicia script to inject "class" for First Class International
  • Adjusted OrderMotion import script to only set blank attention name to same as company when international
  • Adjusted item weight field to pull from description lookup

Released on 3/2/2010

  • Adjusted OrderMotion import script to include weight
  • Adjusted OrderMotion import script to include harmonized code (now present in XML as CustomsTariff)

Released on 2/26/2010

  • Adjusted UPS services and packaging in Preferences to match v1.3 files
  • Added sort on carrier settings

Released on 2/19/2010

  • Adjusted UPS and FedEx scripts to set bill type to sender if selected
  • Adjusted package portal title to calculate to text
  • Adjusted core OrderMotion import and update script
  • Adjusted OrderMotion import script to set raw country value from import and to delete items and packages if records exist
  • Adjusted OrderMotion import for company and attention. If no company, then sets attention in both. If no attention, then sets company in both.

Released on 2/11/2010

  • Switched around reference fields for consistency

Released on 2/10/2010

  • For international UPS. If export and invoice date is blank, then it uses order date or current date.
  • Added commit to end of create items for UPS and FedEx

Released on 2/8/2010

  • Adjusted UPS and FedEx scripts for drop shipments - shipper info is displayed on label unless shipfrom_name (+*) values are present

Released on 2/2/2010

  • Adjusted ship UPS script for Puerto Rico and documents only
  • Adjusted rates UPS script for Puerto Rico

Released on 1/27/2010

  • Adjusted USPS script to not switch APO and FPO to international
  • Added DPO to check for international
  • Adjusted portals for service and packages in preferences and removed Add and Delete

Released on 1/21/2010

  • Fixed wording and logic for Delete All script

Released on 1/20/2010

  • Adjusted carrier show list to not show disabled options in list
  • Removed Department from address book table/xml set
  • Adjusted XML logic to set addressbook ID on add
  • Replaced "clear" script steps with set field in popups
  • Adjusted prep script to blank out Endicia values

Released on 1/18/2010

  • Adjusted MAC BOL print to scale 95%

Released on 1/16/2010

  • Adjusted Con-Way to set shipdate on BOL
  • Re-wrote opening script and created new user opening script
  • Adjusted external calls to execute new opening script

Released on 1/15/2010

  • Set billed weight value to blank on void
  • Adjusted Con-Way to round weight ; 0
  • Removed _ from userfield_* in package XML API
  • Adjusted API ship to standardize naming
  • Adjusted API update ship to standardize naming and added missing fields
  • Adjusted external show to resize window
  • Added serialize call before rates request
  • Modified so all new (?) windows are created off screen

Released on 1/4/2010

  • Added barcode_code39 and barcode_code128 field to ship table
  • Changed Stackable and Hazmat fields to text
  • Added relationship to Con-Way file
  • Added relationship from bill name to address book
  • Modified BOL layout to include barcode_Code39 field

Released on 1/3/2010

  • Added new default printer and default doc tab setting
  • Adjusted UPS coding to allow setting of Zebra as label type
  • Added new COD and additional handling fields
  • Adjusted ship and rate requests to include COD indicator
  • Adjusted ship and rate requests to include additional handling indicator

Released on 12/22/2009

  • Adjusted weigh-tronix get weight to use 9600 7 bits 1 stop even parity

Released on 12/16/2009

  • Adjusted navigation master to omit or include LTL parameter for carrier

Released on 12/3/2009

  • Adjusted UPS logic to set record to shipped after setting per-package shipment values

Released on 11/17/2009

  • Adjusted international layout to use terms of shipment field
  • Adjusted international commercial invoice to show terms of shipment field
  • Added set rates to both Published and Negotiated for USPS

Released on 11/5/2009

  • Deleted invoice line total,International_Discount_MonetaryValue fields from ship table
  • Adjusted order and international fields to use common set
  • Adjusted UPS international coding to use new values
  • Added scripts to set sold to, consignee and etc. same as ship to
  • Auto-sets invoice date and export date to current date on rec create
  • Adjusted labels for city, providence, and postal on international tab
  • Adjusted FedEx international item creation - set Number Of Pieces to 1
  • Set default auto-enter for terms of shipment to Free On Board, Set Reason For Export to Sale
  • Added conversion of UPS terms of shipment to FedEx terms of sale in FedEx ship
  • Deleted terms of sale field in ship table

Released on 11/4/2009

  • Adjusted UPS to set commodities
  • Adjusted USPS void to not call OLD void
  • Adjusted USPS ship to look at right fields for APO, FPO address type and needed to set customs form to 2976a else none
  • Adjusted UPS v1.3 - for print labels and ship accept to properly set PDF path

Released on 11/2/2009

  • Adjusted USPS coding - if country <> US then set label type to international
  • Adjusted USPS coding - if country <> US or APO/FPO then set commodity information

Released on 10/26/2009

  • Adjusted required fields for ship and rates - state and postal code are only required for US and Canada destination
  • Adjusted state and postal code to only passed in FedEx rates when has value
  • Adjusted UPS v1.3 to only send line item total with Canada or Puerto Rico
  • Adjusted UPS v1.3 to use relationship for third party country code
  • Sets country code in UPS from billing country code

Released on 10/19/2009

  • Adjusted USPS script to pass trimmed package value to mail piece shape
  • Added Small Flat Rate Box to USPS carrier preferences
  • Adjusted USPS rates to display Flat-Rate Box rates
  • Adjusted "Use Rate" to set package size for USPS Flat Rate Boxes

Released on 10/9/2009

  • Added import preferences and data functions
  • Added fields to track creation name and ip information
  • Adjusted user script pre and post-scan to use variables

Released on 10/6/2009

  • Updated pull in images
  • Changed print thermal for ship_id in print labels script to print labels for ship_id

Released on 10/2/2009

  • Set Endicia value based on total number of items if international
  • Added new code to set Endicia Signature Confirm on, if adult or signature required is checked
  • Adjusted FedEx go to portal row and field to use valid field

Released on 10/1/2009

  • Added custom ship option for UPS and FedEx by holding down Option when shipping
  • Added check for error on ship, rates and etc. to capture "locked" records
  • Enabled error capture on external scripts

Released on 9/30/2009

  • Fixed international items bug for FedEx & UPS

Released on 9/23/2009

  • Adjusted void script to reset Pro number to null

Released on 9/22/2009

  • Added tables in preferences for countries, regions and cities
  • Changed rates, items, track and log, in User Interface file to include z_ prefix on relationship graph
  • Adjusted rates main to include same logic from ship to check for state-province
  • Adjusted so FedEx ground rates are only requested for US, CA or MX records
  • Set default destination country on record creation to United States
  • Added carrier and USPS override values to countries.

Released on 9/19/2009

  • Removed copy tracking number from ship main after ship
  • Removed old FedEx scripts and organized remaining
  • If no invoice number, then don't update OrderMotion
  • Residential indicator does not get set from address book lookup
  • Added preview option, ensured layouts are list view and prints all for packing slip
  • Adjusted sort script for address book list
  • Adjusted new window script for address book
  • Adjusted commit script from address book
  • Changed copy track number function a post-shipment script
  • Added Endicia script - If USPS international then image MUST be PNG
  • Removed calculation to format phone number
  • Added void and override for LTL

Released on 9/18/2009

  • Added external void script
  • Removed format phone calculation

Released on 9/12/09

  • Adjusted UPS main script to set billed weight properly
  • Adjusted void script to clear out package values
  • Adjusted navigation buttons to right side of found set text

Released on 9/9/09

  • Adjusted data and preferences to auto-enter enduser and enduser for file open
  • Added user_id field to package and items

Released on 9/2/09

  • Adjusted UPS script for pulling track number, had wrong relationship

Released on 8/28/09

  • Adjusted dim.ct field in packages to show L x W x H

Released on 8/27/09

  • Added billed weight field to ship detail
  • Removed UPS/DHL account number from address book
  • Added reference field labels to report
  • Changed Ship Date & Time Label on Daily Report to Ship Date
  • Fixed package number not being set issue

Released on 7/16/2009

  • Adjusted field check: If international USPS, then phone is required. If international, then state is not required.

Released on 7/15/2009

  • Changed field names for consistency in email, state and postal code in ship_shipper/shipfrom/shipto
  • Added fields for daily manifest, daily manifest function

Released on 7/6/2009

  • Create packages script for FreightQuote

Released on 4/22/09

  • Added FedEx International functionality
  • Modified FedEx/UPS scripts for Item creation in respective toolkits