Upgrading Files

Ship Connect files are sold for a one-time fee based on carriers included and single or multi-user requirement. NRG does not manage Ship Connect as a product with periodic updates or major release upgrades, meaning you will not receive new files from us as you would with our carrier files. Consult release notes for more information on new or changed functionality.

The following page outlines upgrades and support for Ship Connect and for the individual carriers files.

Ship Connect Upgrade Process

Ship Connect upgrades are provided for a nominal fee. The upgrade generally follows this process to reduce downtime. If you do not have database admin staff and remote access credentials are provided, NRG can perform all of the steps below. (If NRG is performing the entire upgrade for you, we will need access to your server via TeamViewer along with your FileMaker Server admin console username/password and the physical worksetation username/password)

  • Customer provides NRG with a backup set of Ship Connect and ancillary files for review. We will check for customization, user scripts, and any issues that may cause problems during an update. Please use this link to upload files for review.
  • After review is complete an upgrade window can be scheduled. Upgrades are often scheduled for evening or weekend hours to reduce downtime as the process can take several hours or more to migrate user data.
  • Production files are provided to NRG for upgrade. Files should be closed on server, zipped, and transferred via NRG's file upload service.
  • NRG will perform upgrade and provide back a link for updated files. The upgrade process can take several hours for data migration and QC testing post-update.
  • Files are replaced on server with updated files. File permissions should be checked to make sure they are set to properly Read/Write before opening in Admin Console.
  • Any customization to NRG files outside the scope of user scripts need to be re-applied by customer
  • Workstations may need to have legacy plugins manually removed before they begin shipping (~/Library/Application Support/FileMaker/Extensions on Mac or {localappdata}/FileMaker/Extensions on Win)
  • Check for any changes to value lists for new/updated carrier ship methods and/or packaging choices

Support for Ship Connect Files

Technical Support

  • Provided the same way as outlined below for carrier subscriptions, as long as carrier subscriptions are maintained

Adding New Features to your files

  • NRG does add new features to our core set of Ship Connect files on a periodic basis and keeps you informed of availability
  • When you want to add one of our new features to your files, NRG provides an estimate and only bills you development time

Customizing your files

  • NRG will provide custom development to the Ship Connect file for features that are specific to your needs
  • NRG will provide an estimate for the both the development time for the feature and the implementation time to your file
  • The data file and interface files can be unlocked with developer accessand you can make customizations on your own if you?d like. Any changes you make will not be carried over during file replacement.

Core Feature Requests

  • NRG is open for suggestions on ?core? features that we add to our Ship Connect file
  • NRG prioritizes core feature requests based on demand - and is solely responsible for determining what becomes a core feature
  • NRG can provide you with an estimated time frame of development and availability of core features

Carrier File Updates

  • If the Ship Connect integration to carrier files is compromised because of changes in carrier updates, NRG will provide the support to modify Ship Connect scripts to maintain compliance with the new files

Carrier Service Subscription Details

The service subscription includes technical support and software updates for the carrier files.

Technical Support

  • Tech Support is available between 8:00 am and 5:00 pm CST and allows for unlimited phone and email questions
  • Customers should reference NRG online help and knowledge base prior to contacting NRG support
  • NRG responds to support requests made via phone (866-951-3124) or Email within 4 business day hours
  • Support covers answering questions pertaining to NRGship software and includes general troubleshooting and resolution of error codes
  • Training of new business users, software installation or updating, custom feature requests, support responses that require attention outside of standard support hours are not included and are billed separately at $150 per hour (charged in quarter hour increments)

Carrier Software Updates

  • NRG will maintain compliance with Carrier requirements to ensure customer shipping services through the software
  • NRG provides file updates 2 or 3 times per year to maintain the carrier compliance and to introduce new features
  • NRG notifies customers via email about software updates and provides download links to latest files
  • Details for each update will be outlined, including any changes that may impact your FileMaker integration
  • Customers are responsible for updating their own files. NRG provides instructions in the online help
  • NRG can update your files for your at the rate of $150 per hour (charged in quarter hour increments)