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Server Scripts

Server Scripts

The following scripts can be scheduled via FileMaker Server Admin Console in the ShipManager file to facilitate Ship Connect functionality via background processing. Server scripts must run using the "dev" account with a password of "dev".

Server Script - Track Main
This script will find any parcel ship record with a status of Shipped or Exception that were shipped in the last 15 days and run the track process on them.

Server Script - Import Batch
This script will run the batch script specified in preferences, ex: Import Magento Batch.

Maintenance - Purge Images
This script will find any shipments > 60 days old and purge any label binary data to reduce overall file size of Ship Connect and ancillary files.

Note that the MBS plug-in must be installed server-side in order to facilitate server tracking or other functions. Please consult the FileMaker Server documentation for plug-in installation.