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Shipping Automation

Shipping Automation

The Shipping Automation tab is divided into two different sections, the automation and the custom buttons section. The automation section is where you configure settings for integration. Details are provided for different automation types in the Automation/Integration section.

These preferences can be different for each workstation, however if every workstation will be the same, it's best to set these up as the global defaults, so that when a new workstation is added, these preferences are automatically set.

The automation defaults can be configured for imports, ecommerce integrations and pre or post shipment actions. As with other global defaults, some of these can be set and overwritten per user, under the Automation section located on the Users & Workstations tab.


These preference defaults can be configured to rate before shipping, on all shipments or only COD shipments. If the "Rate on Import" checkbox is checked, NRG Ship Connect will rate all shipments while importing. Auto-Rate on Modification will re-rate the shipment upon any changes to the shipment details. If the "Auto-Rate Pick Least Cost" checkbox is checked, upon re-rating the shipment, NRG Ship Connect will pick the least cost for the service type.

Batch Shipping Mode

When the "Skip Problems" checkbox is checked, all issues during batch shipping will be ignored and the batch process will continue to ship through the entire batch. Only shipment records with issues will remain in the shipping list.

NOTE: You must check the "Halt Invalid PO Box, APO/FPO/DPO" checkbox located on the Developer > Address Validation tab in order for the Skip Problems to work correctly on any APO, FPO, DPO or PO Box addresses.

With the "Display Confirmation Before Process" checked, a message will appear asking if you really want to process X number of shipments.

Custom buttons, once setup will be located on the shipping list and details views on the main menu. These buttons can call scripts into your solution or perform imports. It offers integration modifications for PayPal IPN, NRG Web Import, AcctVantage and Custom FileMaker.