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AcctVantage ERP Integration

Integration with AcctVantage ERP can be setup with NRGship Pro for UPS. To set this up, follow the following steps:

Step 1: Create a Folder on your network

To exchange shipping data back a forth, NRG & AcctVantage use a watched folder. All you need to do is create folder on your network or a shipping workstation. Name the folder whatever you want.

Step 2: AcctVantage Setup

  • In Acctvantage ERP, navigate to Administration > System Setup > Shipping Exchange
  • Browse to the folder location you created and select the path
  • Enable Starship ASCII Data Exchange Mode and press the Start Button
  • Starship Status needs to be "running"

Not Running:


Step 3: NRGship Setup

• Within NRGship UPS Pro, navigate to Preferences > Automation/Integration and in the Import Format section select “AcctVantage”.

• Under Custom Buttons, Make sure that Button 2 = "Get Order" and "AcctVantage" is selected under Script

Once the NRG and AcctVantage preferences are setup, you will be able to type in order numbers and automatically populate details in a new shipping record. After shipping, the tracking number, costs and other details will be updated in AcctVantage.

For a video demonstration on shipping from AcctVantage ERP: Watch the Video