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Release Notes

NRGship UPS Pro - Release Notes

NRGship UPS Pro 2.0 - Build 282

Released on 1/17/2018

  • Adjustments for UPS Jan 2018 API Updates
  • Adjustments to residential indicator

NRGship UPS Pro 2.0 - Build 280

Released on 10/10/2017

  • Fixes for SurePost rating

NRGship UPS Pro 2.0 - Build 278

Released on 9/24/2017

  • Adjusted parsing of service option charges
  • Fixed passing of additional handling indicator

NRGship UPS Pro 2.0 - Build 277

Released on 9/22/2017

  • Fixed issue with ship declared value

NRGship UPS Pro 2.0 - Build 276

Released on 9/15/2017

  • Resolved issue with CA-CA requiring intl customs value
  • Resolved issue with email notification

NRGship UPS Pro 2.0 - Build 275

Released on 9/11/2017

  • Forces TLS 1.2 for connection to

NRGship UPS Pro 2.0 - Build 274

Released on 8/27/2017

  • Fixes for declared value and international duties and tax

NRGship UPS Pro 2.0 - Build 273

Released on 8/22/2017

  • Updates to rating functions

NRGship UPS Pro 2.0 - Build 272

Released on 8/11/2017

  • No changes, updated to keep version in sync with core

NRGship UPS Pro 2.0 - Build 271

Released on 7/10/2017

  • Misc bug fixes

NRGship UPS Pro 2.0 - Build 270

Released on 5/30/2017

  • Resolved issue when rating international

NRGship UPS Pro 2.0 - Build 269

Released on 5/17/2017

  • Resolved issue when cancelling UPS Wizard

NRGship UPS Pro 2.0 - Build 268

Released on 5/15/2017

  • Adjustments for MI packaging
  • Better error dialogs for UPS license issues
  • Added registration for Troi File 9.0 and MBS 7.1

NRGship UPS Pro 2.0 - Build 267

Released on 4/27/2017

  • Transit days are now displayed for UPS Ground during rating
  • Additional UPS rating enhancements
  • Misc enhancements

NRGship UPS Pro 2.0 - Build 266

Released on 4/3/2017

  • Updates for Lightspeed Retail
  • Adjustments to UPS rating
  • Better network error dialogs

NRGship UPS Pro 2.0 - Build 265

Released on 3/22/2017

  • Updates for Lightspeed Retail
  • Dialogs are now properly displayed for errors during Void
  • Enhancements to paste of multi-line addresses
  • Networking updates - better errors for network problems
  • Multiuser enhancements for future data sharing

NRGship UPS Pro 2.0 - Build 264

Released on 1/27/2017

  • Added display of system status from
  • Added support for NetSuite
  • Added signing for macOS Sierra
  • Updated for UPS Registration v2
  • Updated networking for core functionality
  • Enhancements to Zebra output

NRGship UPS Pro 2.0 - Build 262

Released on 10/6/2016

  • Adjustments for Lightspeed OnSite 2016 1.0.2

NRGship UPS Pro 2.0 - Build 261

Released on 9/16/2016

  • Adjustments for Mac OS Sierra
  • Adjustments for Lightspeed OnSite 2016 1.0.0
  • Renamed UPS Saver to UPS Worldwide Saver
  • Misc enhancements

NRGship UPS Pro 2.0 - Build 260

Released on 9/1/2016

  • Adjustments to LightSpeed OnSite import
  • Misc bug fixes

NRGship UPS Pro 2.0 - Build 259

Released on 8/31/2016

  • Added new line item options for LightSpeed OnSite integration

NRGship UPS Pro 2.0 - Build 258

Released on 8/30/2016

  • Added box markup features
  • Main screen can now show discounted or adjusted rate
  • Updated plugin licensing

NRGship UPS Pro 2.0 - Build 257

Released on 8/10/2016

  • Adjustments to doctab and advanced thermal output options

NRGship UPS Pro 2.0 - Build 256

Released on 8/4/2016

  • Adjustments to doctab and advanced thermal output options

NRGship UPS Pro 2.0 - Build 255

Released on 7/19/2016

  • Updated endpoint url for address validation
  • Fixed line break in summary export

NRGship UPS Pro 2.0 - Build 254

Released on 7/13/2016

  • Added ability to print shipment receipt
  • Added support for Zebra shipment receipts
  • Added support for multi-box returns with non-US/PR origins
  • Adjustments to Amazon integration
  • Adjustments to Shopify integration
  • Adjustments to LightSpeed OnSite integration
  • Adjustments for dry ice shipments
  • Enhancements to summary export
  • Updated plugin licensing for Troi Activator 4.0, Troi Dialog 6.5, Troi File 8.5, Troi Serial 4.5, Troi URL 4.5, Troi Encryptor 3.5, MBS 6.3
  • Minor fixes

NRGship UPS Pro 2.0 - Build 253

Released on 5/9/2016

  • Adjustments to doctab output
  • Adjusted AV calls for integration

NRGship UPS Pro 2.0 - Build 252

Released on 5/5/2016

  • Adjustments to archive function
  • Adjustments to markup rules
  • WooCommerce now supports non-SSL connections

NRGship UPS Pro 2.0 - Build 251

Released on 4/13/2016

  • Added maintenance script to remove blank shipments
  • Added option to show all return shipments
  • Adjustments for UPS Access Point
  • Adjustments for UPS Mail Innovations
  • Adjustments for Volusion

NRGship UPS Pro 2.0 - Build 250

Released on 3/3/2016

  • Added support for UPS Access Point
  • Added support for UPS Worldwide Express Freight and UPS Access Point™ Economy services
  • Added support for third party billing on return shipments
  • Adjustments to MBOX import for multiple email addresses
  • Adjustments to Amazon integration
  • Adjustments to UPS licensing for long addresses
  • Additional enhancements

NRGship UPS Pro 2.0 - Build 249

Released on 10/5/2015

  • Added support for UPS Smart Pickup®
  • Added Living Social XLS import
  • Added auto-upgrade features

NRGship UPS Pro 2.0 - Build 248

Released on 9/17/2015

  • Added support for Direct Delivery only
  • Adjustments for LightSpeed OnSite
  • Adjustments to Amazon integration
  • Additional enhancements

NRGship UPS Pro 2.0 - Build 246

Released on 5/12/2015

  • Added dim weight messaging
  • Added default drop shipper preference
  • Added support for iDim dimensioner
  • Enhanced LightSpeed support
  • Updated plugin licensing

NRGship UPS Pro 2.0 - Build 245

Released on 4/16/2015

  • Added archiving function
  • Mail Innovations adjustments
  • Additional enhancements

NRGship UPS Pro 2.0 - Build 244

Released on 12/15/2014

  • Added Amazon Integration
  • Added support for consolidated Mail Innovations CN22 form
  • WooCommerce adjustments
  • LightSpeed adjustments
  • Additional enhancements

NRGship UPS Pro 2.0 - Build 243

Released on 10/13/2014

  • Added LightSpeed Pro integration
  • Added support for CubiScan dimensional scales
  • Updated WooCommerce plugin to support v2.2
  • Additional enhancements

NRGship UPS Pro 2.0 - Build 240

Released on 8/8/2014

  • Added API support for UPS Mail Innovations domestic and international
  • WooCommerce adjustments
  • List search now queries more available data
  • Additional enhancements

NRGship UPS Pro 2.0 - Build 239

Released on 5/1/2014

  • Adjustments for WooCommerce import
  • Adjustments for Shopify import
  • Fixes for import and markup rules
  • Now installs Troi Activator 3.5.2 for Mavericks compatibility

NRGship UPS Pro 2.0 - Build 238

Released on 4/2/2014

  • Added ability to offset thermal labels
  • Doctab now includes billing info if not sender
  • Added pref to disable high value control logs
  • Ship From address can now be edited manually
  • Return layout now has entry for Order # pull
  • Fixed unit conversion for Schedule B commodities
  • Misc bug fixes and enhancements

NRGship UPS Pro 2.0 - Build 237

Released on 2/18/2014

  • Added Volusion integration
  • Enhancements to Magento integration
  • Enhancements to Vin65 integration
  • Adjustments for IP printing under OS X 10.9
  • Adjustments to UI for Bigcommerce
  • Added TaxID fields to UI
  • Fixed issue with split duties and tax

NRGship UPS Pro 2.0 - Build 236

Released on 1/3/2014

  • Added new preference to set blank recipient phone number to shippers
  • Adjustments to Bigcommerce integration
  • Fixed issue with SurePost rating

NRGship UPS Pro 2.0 - Build 235

Released on 12/4/2013

  • Added Network Solutions and WorldShip XML file imports
  • Added handling for duplicate ecommerce imports
  • Added ship conversion for ecommerce imports
  • Added Bigcommerce status preference
  • Added preferences for handling of address issues
  • Adjustments to Mail Innovations for lightweight/parcel based on weight
  • General UI enhancements
  • Updated plugin set

NRGship UPS Pro 2.0 - Build 233

Released on 10/28/2013

  • Added additional handling for rated shipment warnings
  • Added pref to run AV before rating
  • Added preference for default duties and tax
  • Adjustment to Vin65 integration
  • General UI enhancements

NRGship UPS Pro 2.0 - Build 231

Released on 10/2/2013

  • Added integration for Vin65
  • Added integration for Shopify
  • Added preference to validate address before shipment
  • Added support for alternate UOM/UOW at shipment level
  • Adjustments to WorldShip 2013 Address Book import
  • Adjustments for re-rating of shipments during address validation and rating
  • Adjustments to Dry Ice support
  • Adjustments to Mail Innovations support
  • Adjustments to Magento integration for additional SOAP error checking

NRGship UPS Pro 2.0 - Build 228

Released on 8/12/2013

  • Added preference to disable printing of international signature label
  • Added additional preferences for international shipping
  • Enhancements to international ship logic for CI/NAFTA
  • Adjustment to AcctVantage integration for Third Party recipients
  • Adjustment to electronic return label

NRGship UPS Pro 2.0 - Build 226

Released on 8/4/2013

  • Added Producer Type preference to International defaults
  • Adjusted item preference criteria setting

NRGship UPS Pro 2.0 - Build 225

Released on 7/11/2013

  • Adjusted UPS licensing wizard
  • Adjusted setting default item country of origin

NRGship UPS Pro 2.0 - Build 224

Released on 7/8/2013

  • Added new default values for Ref1/Ref2
  • Added new default values for custom label messages
  • Added printable shipment receipt for thermal and laser
  • Adjustments for residential re-rating
  • Adjustments to postback URL handler

NRGship UPS Pro 2.0 - Build 223

Released on 5/23/2013

  • Added support for Dry Ice
  • Added FTP option for Mail Innovations end of day
  • Adjusted rounding of SurePost shipments < 1 lb
  • Adjusted flex returns
  • Thermal label printing enhancements

NRGship UPS Pro 2.0 - Build 222

Released on 4/30/2013

  • Added output of Mail Innovations Shipment Control Form
  • Adjusted country code for Serbia
  • Adjustments to ship service conversion
  • Interface and performance enhancements

NRGship UPS Pro 2.0 - Build 221

Released on 4/3/2013

  • Get Order function now supports autoWeight and autoShip in XML
  • SurePost now sets Attn Name from Company Name if no Attn is present
  • Adjusted ship conversion for GoDaddy import
  • Post-ship functions no longer run for return shipments
  • General optimization

NRGship UPS Pro 2.0 - Build 220

Released on 3/11/2013

  • Added dim and declared value to DocTab
  • Added Zebra (ZPL) support for DocTab and gift messaging
  • Adjustment to GoDaddy import
  • Adjusted saturday delivery check for Intl origins
  • Performance improvements

NRGship UPS Pro 2.0 - Build 219

Released on 2/28/2013

  • Added support for UPS SurePost (Contract service)
  • Adjusted MI rate logic

NRGship UPS Pro 2.0 - Build 218

Released on 2/17/2013

  • Tracking # for return shipments can now be copied to the clipboard by clicking on it
  • Return shipments are now searchable in log
  • Adjusted post-shipment functions to pass Workstation_UserName and Workstation_AccountName
  • Added support for autoWeight and autoShip to Dispatcher for New, Show and Get

NRGship UPS Pro 2.0 - Build 217

Released on 1/18/2013

  • Added preference to standardize addresses to reduce destructive behavior of UPS validation when address contains a suite or apartment. Off by default.
  • Added additional error handling for Magento setup for SOAP errors
  • Adjusted daily report to exclude return shipments
  • Adjusted so Dispatcher is off by default
  • Adjusted so MI setup now forces DCN on

NRGship UPS Pro 2.0 - Build 216

Released on 1/9/2013

  • Added preference to enable/disable default account
  • Adjustment to tab order in UI
  • Adjustments to Get XML schema, added shipto_emailaddress and shipfrom_emailaddress
  • Provides support for user-installed Troi URL 3.x

NRGship UPS Pro 2.0 - Build 215

Released on 12/17/2012

  • Endicia Bridge now supports Windows installs of Dazzle
  • Preference UI has been adjusted
  • Added External Get Status script to return Shipment XML
  • Added Item data to Shipment XML
  • Added preference to pass Shipment XML as POST data during HTTP update

NRGship UPS Pro 2.0 - Build 214

Released on 12/14/2012

  • USPS labels from Endicia Bridge can now be generated for PO Boxes
  • Adjusted URL handler to include voided tracking as Voided_ShipmentIdentificationNumber

NRGship UPS Pro 2.0 - Build 213

Released on 12/10/2012

  • Changes for UPS Mail Innovations
  • Adjusted packages to allow editing of reference fields per package
  • Adjustments to error dialogs

NRGship UPS Pro 2.0 - Build 212

Released on 11/15/2012

  • Changes for UPS Mail Innovations
  • Adjusted opening script to not reset lock on shipment
  • Adjusted batch ship script so it doesn't error on MI

NRGship UPS Pro 2.0 - Build 210

Released on 10/22/2012

  • Added support for Mail Innovations labels via Laser and Zebra
  • Added doctab text field for addl doctab text
  • Added dispatcher for remote automation
  • Added pref to rate incomplete addresses
  • Added Print Forms option on International tab
  • Added better handling for Magento SOAP errors
  • Adjusted integration sample for dispatcher and common create related record

NRGship UPS Pro 2.0 - Build 208

Released on 10/8/2012

  • Added preference to rate incomplete addresses
  • Added ability to re-print Intl forms even if EDI (Paperless)
  • Added "nrg" external auth group
  • Added preference for local image store
  • Adjusted BigCommerce v2 import
  • Adjustment for SSL certificates with expired signers
  • Adjusted Magento import to better handle SOAP error

NRGship UPS Pro 2.0 - Build 206

Released on 8/14/2012

  • Adjustments to Shopify and LightSpeed imports
  • UI cleanup in prefs

NRGship UPS Pro 2.0 - Build 205

Released on 7/2/2012

  • Adjustments to FoxyCart integration
  • Adjustment for batch download if no orders are present
  • Updated zebra and hidscale support

NRGship UPS Pro 2.0 - Build 204

Released on 4/5/2012

  • Adjustments to AcctVantage integration
  • Adjustments to International rating and shipping
  • Misc fixes

NRGship UPS Pro 2.0 - Build 203

Released on 11/29/2011

  • Added COD turn in page
  • Added Print Thermal Test in in preferences
  • Added support for Dymo 4XL output
  • Added auto-add to address book preference
  • Added Shopify import
  • Enhanced quick-ship from address book to pull third party/recipient billing
  • Enhanced multi-box XLS import for drop shipper and alt account
  • Enhanced address book import to include support for recipient and consignee options
  • Updates to Go Daddy XLS import for current file format
  • Adjusted reports to show proper data for return shipments
  • Misc fixes

NRGship UPS Pro 2.0 - Build 197

Released on 8/17/2011

  • Added Endicia bridge
  • Added BigCommerce integration
  • Added OrderMotion integration
  • Added automatic parsing of pasted multi-line address or XML into name field
  • Added preference for print dialog with customs form
  • Adjustments to x-cart and godaddy import format
  • Adjusted external ship/show to call address validation if enabled
  • Added internal support for Zebra (ZPL) labels
  • Misc fixes

NRGship UPS Pro 2.0 - Build 196

Released on 6/3/2011

  • Added https network check to diagnose firewall/proxy issues
  • Update process fix

NRGship UPS Pro 2.0 - Build 195

Released on 5/26/2011

  • Enhancements to GoDaddy import
  • Added support for International UPS Returns
  • Refinements to UPS Mail Innovations support
  • Fixed issue with exception status updating during tracking
  • Updated locked mode settings

NRGship UPS Pro 2.0 - Build 194

Released on 4/28/2011

  • Updated about dialog to reflect new NRG mailing address
  • Added additional country code conversions
  • Adjusted Go Daddy import to include items and weight
  • Resolved error with international time in transit requests
  • Resolved issue with deleting packages from multi box shipment
  • Enhancements to user scripts for passing of data
  • Enhancements to internal XML routines

NRGship UPS Pro 2.0 - Build 193

Released on 4/5/2011

  • Added support for FoxyCart integration
  • Added ability to only import declared value if > amount set in prefs
  • Added new default Country of Origin for Intl items
  • Added support for Zebra GK420t thermal printer
  • Enhanced import dialogs for remote integrations to provide better visual feedback on progress

NRGship UPS Pro 2.0 - Build 191

Released on 3/25/2011

  • Minor adjustments for intl commodities and Magento import

NRGship UPS Pro 2.0 - Build 190

Released on 3/24/2011

  • Added support for Magento Direct import
  • Added new post-function to go to text entry field
  • Fixed issue in duplicate shipment function to include addl Intl attributes
  • Fixed issue with UPS license text accented characters
  • Updated installers to include Troi Dialog 5.5.3 and support for user-installed Troi URL 2.5

NRGship UPS Pro 2.0 - Build 189

Released on 3/17/2011

  • Added support for UPS Mail Innovations, a UPS contract service
  • Adjusted LightSpeed import country code conversion
  • Adjusted print setup for laser printing to force 100% sizing on labels
  • Added Name element to rating requests to improve rating accuracy
  • Adjusted popup for billto names to show third party and receiver billed values
  • Adjusted rating requests to encode/trim address information
  • Adjustments for international shipping forms

NRGship UPS Pro 2.0 - Build 188

Released on 1/10/2011

  • Adjusted LightSpeed import for improved performance
  • Adjusted field order for receiver/third party
  • Adjusted receiver/thirdparty bill option to pass receiver postal if bill to postal is blank
  • Adjusted passed postal for receiver/thirdparty to pass only leftmost 5 characters

NRGship UPS Pro 2.0 - Build 187

Released on 12/21/2010

  • Adjusted Magento import to purge duplicate rows
  • Adjusted custom menus for consistency

NRGship UPS Pro 2.0 - Build 186

Released on 12/15/2010

  • When pasting an address, auto-address validation will now occur if enabled
  • Auto-complete is now enabled for address book entries
  • URL handler has been updated to resolve issues with encoded characters
  • Added a new Export option from ship history with additional export format of Shipment Summary
  • Added delivery intercept option which links to FAQ
  • Added support for export to Connected Accounting
  • Rates new get updated on packaging change (if enabled)
  • Added support for UPS Import Control
  • Added support for Split Duty VAT
  • Additional custom menu and layout tweaks

NRGship UPS Pro 2.0 - Build 185

Released on 11/15/2010

  • Updated Integration support for AcctVantage ERP
  • Added support for Joomla Integration
  • Modified imports to pickup shipping defaults if values are not provided

NRGship UPS Pro 2.0 - Build 182

Released on 10/26/2010

  • Added Magento Ecommerce Import
  • Added Go Daddy Ecommerce Import
  • Added Integration support for AcctVantage ERP
  • Updated Zebra printer application

NRGship UPS Pro 2.0 - Build 178

Released on 9/3/2010

  • Added preference to skip errors on batch ship
  • Added preference to display dialogs on batch
  • Added coding to show dialog on batch processes if enabled
  • During batch ship, skip any records with issues if preference is enabled
  • Added mention of Return Service to KB article on URL handler (Pro only)
  • Added flagforreview field - if field data is long then value = 1
  • Adjusted status icon to set caution icon if status = new and flagforreview = 1
  • Checked to see if we can specify custom reference labels, cannot per API spec
  • Adjusted print modifier key check, only displays dialog if option/ctrl/alt/command not caps lock or shift
  • If ship int'l and sale date is not specified then set date to current date on ship
  • If ship int'l and export date is not specified then set date to current date on ship
  • If ship int'l and no invoice number then set to value from ref1 on ship on ship
  • If ship int'l and no PO number, then set to value from ref2 on ship
  • If int'l invoice # is blank on shipment, value will be applied from package ref1
  • Add preference for default third party info
  • On address validation, if ND comes back in +4 then do not append
  • Prepare for distribution sets default currency, UOM, UOW
  • Updated installer and runtime to use latest zebratool (v102)
  • Adjusted security settings to uncheck disconnect on idle in blackbox and preferences file
  • Added trigger on selection of DC value in preferences

NRGship UPS Pro 2.0 - Build 177

Released 7/26/2010

  • Adjusted permissions for items table so users have full access
  • Adjusted conditional logic on international fields so they should for US <> US
  • Adjusted return script to flip-flip email addresses
  • Corrected an error in required fields for return
  • Added shipto_email field on return layout
  • Adjusted sort order for rates by discounted, total charges [was broken]
  • Added field back again for carbon neutral, adjusted label, tested
  • Added carbon neutral option to rates lookup, tested
  • Added new carbon neutral fields to preferences, data, UI, API calls
  • Adjusted address validation to return error if AmbiguousAddressIndicator is present (bug)
  • Adjusted ref1/2, had to move higher as reference 2 value was hidden
  • Tested ()!#$ in description and reference fields, works as expected
  • Changed tab name in Preferences->dev from FM to Advanced

NRGship UPS Pro 2.0 - Build 176

Released 6/17/2010

  • Added clearing of import token, global text and reset box size default to prep script
  • Added default setting for international forms invoice

NRGship UPS Pro 2.0 - Build 175

Released 6/16/2010

  • Cleaned up header tabs, tested
  • Removed script "Button - Open International Modal Window"
  • Ran analyzer, found import reference to old views, changed
  • Removed integration sample file reference from UI file
  • Fixed references to missing fields in scripts
  • Added new default box size field to preferences
  • Added new international duties and tax default to preferences
  • Added ability to set pay method values from address book third party/consignee pop-up
  • Added drop ship option for shipment
  • Added drop ship address option in address book
  • Added new table in preferences for items
  • Added all logic for item maintenance
  • Added new logic in ship to pull items
  • Added new scripts for PayPal IPN import, importsource = nrgonline
  • Added new scripts post ship/void if importsource=nrgonline then updates
  • Added new field for import token (unique key for nrgonline)
  • Added new API script to update international (intl and items) from XML
  • Updated all API scripts to include ALL international fields
  • Adjusted list view for items/boxes to bold selected field
  • Adjusted trigger on ship detail to show proper header tab based on user preferences
  • Added origin country options for Hungary, Indonesia, Macau, Poland, Romania, Russia, Turkey and Vietnam to UPS wizard (49 origin countries)
  • Updated main navigation script to allow international form entry when shipto/shipper country is not blank and not same value
  • Adjusted shipconfirm to pass international XML when countries are not blank and shipto/shipper country is not the same
  • Checked DC logic - checkbox is calculated, checked when value <> none and value <> "-choose-"
  • Adjusted DC check box script so if click on box and has value set then it gets set back to "-choose-"
  • Updated API scripts to create windows off screen and disable triggers
  • Updated update address API script - was calling old address book layout
  • Updated address book TOG name for consistency (was addr_AddressBook~TOG)
  • Adjusted so that navigation master updates serial ports on tab entry, clicking scale icon refreshes
  • Adjusted v1.3 files so that international product description is truncated at 35 characters
  • Adjusted international layout to include Intl_PO# and Intl_Invoice# fields. [royal rec bug]
  • Locked down title field in international and other layouts (was accessible in browse/find on some)
  • Added XML encoding to address validation request before sending to external call (not really needed)
  • Added code to track error handler - if ERR: then sets description to response and type to HARD [rcboca bug]

NRGship UPS Pro 2.0 - Build 174

Released 4/19/2010

  • Checked sold to address fields, verified they are truncated at 35
  • Adjusted void routine to clear out track_datetime at the package level, track detail also gets purged
  • Adjusted track routine to NOT set track_datetime if an error occurs
  • Adjusted relationships for ship_id in track/track activity to pull in ship_id value
  • Fixed flash
  • Added confirmation after multi-user mode is changed (confirmed that error capture is on and checked)
  • Fixed track issue from results portal (wasn't throwing error...)
  • Fixed void button x2
  • Tested reprint on run-time after open laser thermal and works as expected
  • Adjusted PDF daily report to set page setup to 90% and show dialog or throw and error in NRG Pro

NRGship UPS Pro 2.0 - Build 173

Released 4/15/2010

  • Changes for SED form - added new fields to layout for ship and commodity, removed sedtotalvalue (is computed based on qty * unit price), only pass address values for SED when present[simplex bug]
  • Added encoding to product description and address info in international XML [Dan and Dave bug in v1.3]
  • Changed internationl currency code default lookup to ship constant (was package constant)
  • Added CF and trigger to address lines to auto-color if length is > X
  • Adjusted v1.3 (for ship connect customers) to encode product description [Dan and Dave bug]
  • Adjusted WorldShip import to set service to default if blank, set bill to to default if blank [Billy's Greens issue]

NRGship UPS Pro 2.0 - Build 172

Released 3/30/2010

  • Added support for import of LightSpeed invoices to preferences, custom menus, import dialog, script, renamed existing to import orders
  • Updated mac FMP and run time to latest zebra2844 and hid scale (mac now supports Fairbanks Ultegra, windows does not)
  • Cleared out value lists for international description, part number, harmonized code

NRGship UPS Pro 2.0 - Build 171

Released 3/18/2010

  • Updated installers to include path to FMP 11 for plug-in install (last win build posted was 11/19/09)
  • Adjusted return label routine to only transmit first box - MBOX not supported for non US/PR origins
  • Adjusted TNT script to display error dialog (on error)
  • Adjusted return layout- removed address validation, adjusted fields (should be shipto_* instead of shipper_*) and added dim fields
  • Fixed issue with WorldShip import not setting email field
  • Fixed issue with time in transit where it was forcing the trigger again to get time in transit when clicking on country label in address book, country gets set to default receiver country
  • Adjusted XML API new/set ship routines to set international and sold-to fields (Glamour Kills issue)

NRGship UPS Pro 2.0 - Build 170

Released 3/16/2010

  • Updated Zebra2844 application in pro directory to current build
  • Added support for custom buttons/scripts on detail which can call user scripts in data file
  • Added g_text field to ship table for use by keyed (user) imports

NRGship UPS Pro 2.0 - Build 168

Released on 2/04/2010

  • Added custom function to convert state abbr to countries if needed (PR, VI, AS, etc.)
  • Finalized LightSpeed import
  • Created Serendipity import script (meant to be called from user import)
  • Adjusted ship, rates, address validation - if state = PR then change country to Puerto Rico
  • On repeat, now clears out ship_datetime value (was causing add package to fail after dupe)
  • Removed confirmation dialog when canceling add package pop-up
  • Removed ship found set copy script
  • Added run user post shipment script
  • Added searching of alias, phone and email field to address book filter
  • Added preferences/script ship for LightSpeed
  • Adjusted rates portal for more width for service name
  • Moved all UI scripts into proper folders
  • added server scripts folder
  • Added server script to perform maintenance
  • Adjusted delete images > 15 days so it does not display dialog if running on server
  • Fixed bug in void logic for post-automation export (was looking for full text)
  • Added user import, user export scripts and preferences
  • Added autogetrates, autoaddtoaddressbook fields in preferences
  • Added automation preference and associated triggers for auto get rates on package field changes
  • Updated v1.3 files (for ship connect customers) - added support for ZPL printing, changed printer type pop-up to include Eltron DocTab, Eltron, Zebra and Zebra DocTab. Adjusted ship scripts to allow Zebra type. Adjusted print scripts to support Zebra.