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Order Motion

OrderMotion Integration

To setup the integration between OrderMotion and NRGship UPS Pro follow the steps below:

In order to complete the integration you will need to exchange data between NRGship UPS Pro and OrderMotion.

Step 1: Access OrderMotion Settings in NRGship

  • Within NRGship, navigate to Preferences > Defaults > Automation and in the Import Format section select “OrderMotion”.

  • Once you click on "OrderMotion" it will open the pop-up box shown below.

NOTE: Leave the NRGship OrderMotion window open. You will need to exchange information between NRGship and OrderMotion.

Step 2: Copy HTTPBizID from OrderMotion to NRGship UPS Pro

  • Log into your OrderMotion Account
  • Navigate to Config > Ecommerce
  • Copy the HTTPBizID and paste the value into the NRGship UPS Pro Import Token field
  • Click OK
Custom Buttons

In NRGship UPS Pro, once you select OrderMotion, the Custom Buttons section will automatically populate.

These settings can be found within NRGship UPS Pro Preferences > Defaults > Automation Tab. See the default settings listed below.

  • Button 1 - Is not needed and will not populate with any information.
  • Button 2 - Populates “Get Order” for the Label and “Get Order” for the Script.
  • Show text entry field - This box should be checked.

Once the integration is complete, you can download orders one at a time by entering the order number into the box and pressing the "Get Order" button.