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UPS Sure Post

UPS SurePost®

UPS SurePost® is a consolidation service offered by UPS and the United States Postal Service. This service option has been popular with online catalogs and retailers that ship non time-sensitive lightweight packages (typically 1 to 10 lbs.), especially to residences.

With this consolidation service, the parcel carrier makes the pickup just like any other parcel package and hauls it to the local terminal. From there, the carrier moves the package on a line haul with other ground shipments to the in–network terminal closest to the final destination. The package is then tendered to the USPS network or in the case of urban delivery packages, UPS will deliver themselves.

UPS SurePost® and NRGship
If you have a UPS SurePost® contract, NRG can provide a solution.

Activation Costs
NRG charges a fee of $250 activate the module.

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