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Finding Shipments

Finding Shipments within NRGship

The shipping list allows you to view all the shipping records in a list view. Using the search system or the quick links in the menu you can navigate to any shipment records. The shipping list is also the place that you can batch process shipments. You can batch ship, void, delete and track from the ship list.

Below is an outline of the all the functions you can execute from the ship list.

The Shipping List will display all shipping records, regardless of the status. The colored icons on the left of each shipment indicate the status, which can also be found in the detail provided in the list. The color indicators are as follows:

Blue - New Shipment
Brown - Shipped
Green - Delivered
Red - Voided
Yellow - Exception

The following are methods NRGship provides for sorting and locating shipments in the shipping list:

Key Word Search - Type in a keyword in the search box and the list will filter down to records that match your search term. From there you can highlight a record to track, ship or void.

Show Undelivered - The show undelivered button on the grey menu bar will automatically track all of your shipped records and display any open shipments that have not been delivered. From there you can click into the details on each shipment to get the status details.

Show New - The show new button on the grey menu bar will filter the shipping list to all new shipments that have yet to be processed. From there you can click into each shipment to ship individually, or choose to batch process the list.

Show All - The show all button on the grey menu bar restores all of the records to your list, regardless of status.

Shipped Today - The shipped today button on the grey menu bar will display all the records that shipped today.