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UPS Accounts

UPS Account Management in NRGship

To ship with NRGship, you'll need to register your UPS account. You can register as many account numbers as you have with UPS.

Click the Add UPS Account button on the UPS Account menu tab within Preferences. The wizard will run you through adding your UPS account.

The Registration Wizard requires you to:

  • Review and agree to the UPS licensing agreement
  • Provide your shipping information, address and UPS account number
  • Make sure to hit the "Finish" button after you've submitted your info.

NOTE: The Postal Code you enter MUST match the Postal Code that matches your UPS Account Number.

The wizard will automatically name your account "Account 1", or whatever number the account is in order. You can rename the account to a friendly name from the main UPS Account screen in Preferences.

Contact NRG Technical Support for further information.